What is NXT Group?

We are a result-driven, modern conglomerate group.

NXT Group is a diversified holding company that specializes in providing investors with high growth and performance driven investment portfolios.
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“Our integrated portfolio companies assist each to expedite growth with their own specialized services including venture funding & management consulting."
- Yahoo Finance, 2016

Portfolio Companies

Our Portfolio


An international performance based digital agency headquartered in New York City, NXTFactor works to combine disruptive digital platforms with proven and cutting-edge digital marketing solutions for all of our valued clients.

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A full team of specialists solving every-day eCommerce issues by creating fully automated tools for businesses all around the world.

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NXTCapital is a diverse, high-performing hybrid fund focused on ventures across the world with an average annualized return/dividends of 12% .

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A diversified real estate investment trust (REIT) that includes but not limited to areas of rental properties, commercial development, and income driven eREITs.

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Funding and managing local ventures including restaurants, franchises, and retail stores in the United States.

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Diversification within our portfolio companies allows us to decrease overall risk and increase synergistic partnerships among the various ventures in the different industries.

David Zhao, CEO of NXT Group

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