Now Serving: Chubby Cattle Mongolian Hot Pot

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Now Serving: Chubby Cattle Mongolian Hot Pot

Vegas Seven, 22 August 2016


More than 1,000 years ago, Mongol horsemen would fill their metal helmets with water, place them in sizzling hot embers, and add vegetables and meat to create a nourishing meal. At Chubby Cattle Hot Pot, diners combine Mongolian, Tibetan and Chinese philosophies of medicine and healing, creating their own soups by personally selecting their ingredients for their very own in-table hot pots.

Chubby Cattle is owned and operated by 22-year-old HaiBin Yang, whose family has been in the hot-pot restaurant business (Little Lamb) in Mongolia for seven years. He created Chubby Cattle as a partnership with Little Lamb in New York. At the heart of the restaurant is a conveyor belt which jets out into the 3,600-square-foot dining room, delivering plates and bowls containing a variety of meats and vegetables that guests can choose to add to the metal pots of broth, which sit on heating elements at each table.

The conveyor belt services the buffet option, but guests can also enjoy hot pot a la carte. Yang says, “Our recipes combine four Eastern aromas and five flavors to reconcile the yin and yang.” The broth, which is infused with ginseng, myrcia, cardamom, beef tallow, medlar, angelica and cinnamon, is the base to which ingredients are added provides essential health benefits and is made fresh daily.

The menu of options are extensive, including Kobe beef; beef brisket; lobster; cuttlefish; sea bass; muscles; wide potato noodles; tofu prepared six ways; taro vermicelli knots; an impressive variety of mushrooms, including enoki, wood ear and oyster; and other nutritious add-ins, such as daikon, pumpkin watercress, bamboo shoots, lotus root, just to name a few. Guests can make their selection, simmer and enjoy.

NAME: Chubby Cattle Hot Pot & BBQ
SERVING: Mongolian/Chinese Hotpot & BBQ
OPENED: August 16, 2016
WHO’S BEHIND IT: HaiBin Yang, NXTFactor and Little Lamb
DID YOU KNOW: The secret recipe broth base at Las Vegas’ first conveyor belt restaurant is simmered daily for eights hours before served.
LOCATION: 3400 S. Jones Blvd., Suite 15, Las Vegas NV 89146
HOURS OF OPERATION: 5 p.m.-midnight nightly.
CONTACT: 702-868-8808
INSTAGRAM: @ChubbyCattle