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A conglomerate is the combination of two or more companies (corporations) engaging in entirely different businesses that fall under one group or “parent company”.

Most conglomerates often lack a sense of focus. The term “the bigger you are, the harder you fall” is very much true when large parent companies loose their founding purpose. NXT Group has always stayed focus on diversification and high market efficiency. We’re able to counterbalance our portfolio to develop a healthy-growing stable holding company.

NXT Group is always on the hunt for the next big venture; we constantly encourage our team to discover the “NXT” big idea!

NXT Group offers a wide, diversified portfolio for both retail and institutional investors.

We’re excited to hear that you’re interested in investing with NXT Group. Currently, we are set up as a group of closed funds and are only open for investors to join during fundraising periods.

To learn more about the current investment opportunities, please email info@nxt.group.