NXTFactor Creates Over $15 Million in Online Sales for its Clients and Partners in 2014

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NXTFactor Creates over $15 Million in Online Sales for its Clients and Partners in 2014” 

Yahoo Finance/Accesswire, 14 January 2015

The founders of NXTFactor, an international digital development and marketing firm, are pleased to announce that their company has reached a new milestone: the creation of over $15 million in online sales for their clients and partners in 2014. David Zhao, CEO of NXTFactor noted that the client base is from a range of different industries, including E-commerce, healthcare, financial services and local businesses.

The wide variety of clients who have worked with NXTFactor were not surprised to learn that the company reached such an impressive milestone last year. Since 2007, NXTFactor has focused on helping businesses, brands and people, such as The Electrical Supplies Outlet, VIM & VIGR, and The Magic Pads meet and exceed their goals by offering innovative and comprehensive digital solutions.

“Our professional team includes a diverse group of web developers, online marketing experts, and digital strategists working collaboratively to satisfy our partners and clients in every way we possibly can,” Zhao said, adding that NXTFactor has helped plan, create, implement, and build a strong and powerful web presence for thousands of clients, including well-known brands such as the American Red Cross, Verizon Wireless and Intel’s New York State Science & Engineering Fair.

NXTFactor attributes its success to its underlying philosophy that business owners know their own companies better than anyone else. With this in mind, the experienced team from NXTFactor takes the time to carefully discuss their clients’ unique business situations, strategies and goals. By facilitating open communication lines with their clients and allocating appropriate measures of time to familiarize themselves with their clients’ companies, NXTFactor is able to collect all of the information and assets that they need to determine and develop a strategic course of action that will help their clients to succeed.

“We work to help businesses and brands uncover new and unexpected sources of inspiration, revenue, sustainable competitive advantages and business growth,” said Samuel Lam, Director of Research and Development at NXTFactor.

To learn more information about NXTFactor, visit the company’s website, and read further about the internet marketing solutions and other services that they offer, as well as browse through their impressive portfolio of clients.

About NXTFactor:

NXTFactor is an international digital development and marketing firm headquartered in New York City. Their mission is to combine proven and innovative internet marketing solutions, while building a comprehensive, cost-effective, and powerful digital platform for all of their valued clients. For more information, please visithttp://www.nxtfactor.com/.